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Drug Bank database, University of Alberta website
Internet Drug Index, Top 300 Rx Drugswebsite
ChemSketch (for PC) download
MarvinSketch (for all computers) download
CAS Daily Substance Countswebsite
Chemory: Nomenclature Matching Gamedownload
IUPAC Naming Tooldownload
Laboratory Notebook Guidelineshandout
Calculating limiting reagents and percentage yieldhandout
IUPAC Rules of Nomenclaturewebsite
Aldrich Chemical Company Search Pagewebsite
ChemExper Chemical Directory website
Acros Chemicalswebsite
Temperature-Pressure Nomograph website
NIST Chemistry Webbookwebsite
Spectral Database for Organic Compounds website
US Patent Searchwebsite
Organic Syntheseswebsite
Classic Organic Reactions, ChemPen Softwarewebsite
Named Reactions, UConn Organic Chemistry Serverwebsite

Special topics

Chemical Safety Data:

Chemical Safety Database Searcher, Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford University
MSDS Online
TOXNET, Hazardous Substances Database
SIRI, Vermont Safety Information Resources, Inc.
Cornell University MSDS, Department of Environmental Health & Safety

Green Chemistry
Introductory Readings in Green Chemistry

Gordon College Green Chemistry lecture series
Toward Sustainable Chemistry, Terry Collins, Science, Vol 291, Issue 5501, 48-49 , 5 January 2001
Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge
Royal Society of Chemistry's Green Chemistry Network
EPA Green Chemistry
ACS Green Chemistry Institute
Green Chemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry

Programs at Educational Institutions
@ UMass/Boston
@ Carnegie-Mellon
@ University of Oregon
@ Monash University, Australia
Named Organic Reactions Collection
Named Reactions in Organic Chemistry
Martindale's Virtual Chemistry Center
WEB-ster's Organic Chemistry, A List of Lists
Visualizing Aids For Organic Chemistry
The Organic Laboratory
Basic Organic Nomenclature
Organic Structure Elucidation
NMR Made Simple
Stereochemistry Online