Take Two Assignment

For the pharmaceuticals that you chose, provide a brief write up (about 1/2 page each, 1 page total) with the following information:

  1. name of drug
  2. indications for use of the drug
  3. bond line drawing of the drug
  4. Ratio of Carbon to (Oxygen + Nitrogen) in the drug
  5. List all functional groups found in the drug. Circle or highlight the fuunctional group and then give its name. Some of the drugs you chose have functional groups that we did not discuss. If you believe that your molecule has a functional group that we did not discuss, circle it and call it "other".

The information that you are looking for often is found in a document called the "prescribing information" insert. If you search on the web for the name of the drug and the phrase "prescribing information" you are probably going to find what you need without too much trouble.

For your added enjoyment:

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