Book Review Guidelines

When discussing your book with our class, the review should cover the content of the book in order for a reader to quickly gauge what the book is about. In addition, all of the following must be included in your follow-up with the class. Note that some of these elements must also be found in the review.
Take-away message
       In one or two sentences, how would you explain this book to mom (or dad, or grandma, or ...)

       Include in the review
       What is the author's expertise in the domain?
       Does the author appear to have a bias?
       Does the author's worldview seem apparent?
       Feel free to dig through the web or other source to answer these questions.

       Include in the review
       Is the material out of date?
       Is the material current?
       Is the material futuristic?
Controversial views 

       Include in the review
       Author's positions
       Your responses 
       Worldview issues?
       Should this book be required reading for a future CS403 class?  Why or why not?